Truthfully this bio is completely about you …
but first I ‘m going to tell you a little bit about me for it to make sense.  

So, I’d love for you to come down memory lane with me for a minute - ok?  

So, from the time I was small I’ve been a storyteller.

It was in all of my writing that I learned the power of language, and honestly … of art.

I would cry into poems. Laugh into prose. And the expression and healing power of it all captured me then as much as it does to this day.
So, I majored in journalism, for sure destined to work for the New York Times, or so I thought. But fate, thankfully, had other plans. A local TV News anchor happened to read one of my collegiate newspaper articles, and told me, “We need great writers in television.”  
My path unfolded very quickly after that and only about a year later I was working as a news anchor and reporter. I was changed forever working in that industry, because I realized almost instantly that moments that would take me thousands of words to explain … could be captured in less than half a second by

ok, cool





At first, I was only telling my own story to the pages of .99 cent notebooks that I kept in boxes in my closet for no one to read ever. But, nonetheless, narration has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

That was when my love for storytelling met the vehicle that is now my photography.

And this is where my life’s story becomes all about you.

Photography for me is much less about showing who you seem to be than it is about creating art that screams who you really are.

I dedicate much of who I am to this job because I’m infatuated with the beautiful delicacy of your life, and it’s a true honor to come alongside you and others during some of the biggest moments of their lives.

I’m grateful for this journey, and I’d love to hear from you if you think I’m the right artist to preserve your here and now forever.

Please know that I take on a limited number of sessions, weddings, and branding partnerships each year to best serve myself, my family, my clients, and my affiliates.  

My focus is always on quality, not quantity, as I value timeless, meaningful, relationships and collaborations.

You see, I’m not doing this work because I’m obsessed with taking pictures. I’m doing this work because I’m obsessed with telling stories.

Meet my family

My babes ...

Elena, 13, loves drawing and new adventures.

Ezra, 3, loves cars and taking walks.

- aquarius

- leo

My hubs ...

- sagittarius

James, my best friend, happily married for 14 serendipitous years.

love them so much


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